We are a small, independent games studio based in the heart of Essex, UK

We specialize in creating new, surreal and beautiful experiences for gamers of all ages. Our focus is on creating games with a ‘soul’. By that we mean, games with a meaning and purpose. You won’t find guns, zombies or face eating demons here (not that they don’t serve a different purpose) But, you will find oodles of creativity, new strange experiences and above all – games made with passion, emotion and depth.

Little Wolf Studio Ltd was founded in the spring of 2014, with a focus on creating emotive story based video games for console and PC.

Our little team of wolves have many, many years of experience in the games industry and have worked at some awesome award winning studios such as; Ninja Theory, Unity, Splash Damage, Evolution Studios, Frontier Developments, Jagex and Rising Star Games (to name a few!).

We are currently in development of an exciting and brand new IP. We want to tell you more about it – but said zombies and face eating demons will come get us.


Email us for more info, or just to say hello. We like friendly people ♥